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> Eco smart display

Eco smart display


This electronic module is an intelligent operator interface. The graphic display informs the operator of the truck status in real time (BDI, HCs, operating modes, fault control). The Navipad is the interactive interface for operators and service engineers to interact with truck,setup and calibrate truck sensors.

Power supply

15 - 100 Volt

Main features

  • digital control by micro controller
  • flash memory
  • operator adjustable parameters
  • truck fault logs
  • truck hour counters
  • operator password
  • service password
  • maintenance features
  • BDI profiles


  • CAN Bus
  • RS232 - current loop only for handset and laptop

Display graphic LCD

  • 128x64 resolution
  • backlight


  • 5, red colour


  • 5 buttons Navipad


  • Minifit with rubber protection

Protection class

  • IP65