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Smart console


With this console it is possible to interact with the controller via CAN or Serial communication in order to monitor the real time operation and to change the software parameters in order to better fit the application. The console onboard USB port permits also to import/export controller operational data using an external flash drive. In addition to this Smart Console, other ZAPI tools are available, either serial or CAN based, permitting to operate on controllers using external devices such as personal computers.

Technical details

3.2’’ TFT Color Display
ARM Cortex 32bit Microcontroller
Connection via CAN or serial line (compatibility mode)
Power supply from truck battery (24V to 80V) or from onboard
NiMh AA batteries
Improved Navigation and Tester Menu
Interchangeable cable
3 user programmable buttons
USB connection to flash drives
Dimension: 100x190x60 mm

Man-machine interface details

Real time display of the analogue and digital measurements in the controllers (battery voltage, motor voltage, motor current, temperature, potentiometer voltage, …).
Programming Parameters
Multilevel password protected access to the controllers parameters.
Possibility to save in an external memory a set of parameters in order to program multiple controllers with the same set in an automated way.
Alarms display
last 5 faults/warnings.
Advanced functions
CAN messages real time data-logging on USB for system analysis
Real time data-logging of I/O values shown in the tester menu Sw download for firmware upgrade.