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> EPS AC0 WG steering controller

EPS AC0 WG steering controller


This is a compact and cost effective steer by wire controller with wire guidance option for 24/48V trucks fitted with AC steering motors up to 500W. It is suitable for handlebar and tiller trucks. Microprocessor technology,combined with the CAN Bus communication system, provides an effortless steering command facility.

Main features

  • Steering sensitivity reduces when the truck speed increases.
  • Truck speed reduces in proportion to the angle of the steered wheel.
  • A non-linear relationship between the handle bar position and the steered wheel angle can be made.
  • On request, the steering command may originate from a remote unit via CAN Bus meeting the requirements of EN954-1: Category 3 Standard.

Power section

Nominal voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V
Maximum current:
  • EPS AC0: 50A (45A@48V)
  • EPS AC0 WG: 70A


Dimensions: 120x150x55 mm

Other features

Dual Microprocessors, both CAN Bus connected
Flash memory
Environmental Protection: IP54 or IP65 (with Ampseal connector)