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AC-X Inverter


The AC-X Inverter is suitable for pedestrian, small stacker trucks and cleaning machines fitted with asynchronous motors up to 900W. Sensorless/Sense Coil version Same as above but with ZAPI patented sensorless/sense coil control algorithm to be used with encoderless AC motor.

Power section

Power supply: 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V
Maximum current:
  • (24,36V) 100 Arms (2’)
  • (48V) 80 Arms (2’)
  • (80V) 100Arms (2’)
Continuous output power: 900W
Ambient Temperature range: -30°C +40°C
Maximum heatsink temperature: 78°C (starts to reduce current)


Dimensions: 120x150x54 mm
Connector: Molex Minifit
Protection class: IP54


9 Digital inputs (input range -Batt ÷ +Batt)
2 Analog inputs (input range 0 ÷ 12V)
1 Incremental encoder port
4 Outputs driving to -Batt
1 Output driving to +Batt (optional)

Other features

Flash memory
Can interface
Serial link