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HV controller


The High Voltage is a controller capable of operating with a voltage up to 780V and suitable for AC Induction, BLDS and PMAC motors, in the range from 15 to 30kW continuous power, for traction, pump, and auxiliary functions of electric/hybrid vehicles. Thanks to this characteristic it can operate both with battery packs which are common in electric/hybrid markets (lithium types) and with an high voltage DC-link stabilized by a generator.

Power section

Nominal DC voltage: 650V
Maximum DC voltage: 780V
Logic supply: 12V, 24V
Maximum output current: 70A (60sec.)
Continuous output current: 40A
Maximum output power: 60kVA (60sec.)
Continuous output power: 35kVA
Switching frequency: 1-8kHz, fixed, auto.adjusted
Ambient temperature range: -40°C +85°C
Maximum power section temperature: 90°C (starts to reduce current)


Dimensions: 250x200x87mm
Mass: 4,5kg
Liquid cooling dissipation: 600W (67/min; Tinliquid=60°)
Also available in forced air cooled version
Connector: Molex CMC 48 poles
Protection: IP6K9K


5 Digital inputs; connection: active to +12 / 24V
2 Analog inputs (input range 0 12V). These can be customized to be used for sin/cos sensors for PMAC motor control, upon request
1 Incremental encoder port + Index
2 Analogue motor thermal sensor input
3 Digital inputs referenced to low voltage negative. These can be customized to be used for Hall sensor (BLDC motor control), upon request
1 Analog input general purpose
1 Output driving to low voltage negative, 2,5A continuous, PWM voltage control
2 Outputs driving to low voltage negative, 1A continuous, PWM voltage control, ON/OFF control


2 X CANbus ports
Communication speed up to 500Kbit/sec
Opto-insulated can transceiver, esd protected
11 and 29 bits communication supported
Standard communicationprotocol: canopen and J1939

Other features

SW downloadable via CANbus using ZAPI CANFlasher Tool
Diagnostic provided via CANbus using ZAPI CANPc Tool
FOC motor control for ACIM and PMAC motors with field weakening
6 step motor control for BLDC motors
Resolver, Sin/Cos, Encoder feedback
Fully automated self-test at start-up
Automatic protection against over heating
HVIL - High Voltage Connection Supervisor