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> Tri-Plat controller

Tri-Plat controller


The TRI-PLAT controller is suitable for applications such as aerial platforms, boom-lifts and scissors-lifts, and electrical vehicles with two traction motors and one pump motor. The following functions are fitted in the same box (package): traction control for two separately excited motors(SEM), from 1kW to 2.5kW each; lifting control for D.C. series excited or compound motor (single switch), up to 3.5 kW; drivers for on/off valves and proportional valve. General features: MOSFET technology, microprocessor logic, faults memory, digital programming via console, regenerative braking.

Technical details

Supply voltage: 24 ÷ 48V
Maximum current:
  • (24v) traction 300A + 300A + lifting 300A
  • (48v) traction 180A + 180A + lifting 200A
High Frequency:16 kHz
Drivers for electrovalves: 14 on/off and 1 proportional
Inputs: 6 on/off and 2 analog
Electronic differential
Interface for serial control card
MDI interface (Multifunction Digital Instrument): battery discharge indicator, hour meter, alarms, programmed maintenance
Complies with European CE Standards
IP64 protection level
Dimensions: 248 X 128 X 105 mm