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> EPS ACW warehouse steering system

EPS ACW warehouse steering system


Integrated Plug & Play steering system available in CB (counterbalanced) and Wharehouse configuration. The integration between the electronic controller and the steering mechanichs permit an easier installation with associated cost reduction. Due to the dual microcontroller architecture both connected to CAN bus it fulfills the Category 3 of EN954-1 and EN/ISO13849-1 also in applications with steering command via CAN bus.

Main features

  • Wide range of command sensors (stepper motor, twinpot, double PWM, double encoder).
  • Wire Guidance compatible.

Power section

Nominal voltage: 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 80V
Maximum current:
  • (24V, 36V) 70Arms
  • (36V, 48V) 70Arms
  • (72V, 80V) 40Arms

Other features

Dual Microprocessor, both CAN Bus connected
Environmental Protection: IP65