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> Inverter ACE0 & ACE0 PW

Inverter ACE0 & ACE0 PW


L’inverter ACE0 è utilizzabile su pedestrian, piccoli stacker e magazziniere con motori asincroni fino a 2,5 KW Sensorless/Sense Coil version Come sopra ma con algoritmo brevettato sensorless/sense coil ZAPI per l'utilizzo con motori AC senza encoder.

Power section

Power supply: 24V, 36V, 48V
ACE0 Maximum current:
  • (24V) 220 Arms (2’)
  • (36V, 48V) 180 Arms (2’)
ACE0 PW Maximum current:
  • (24V) 320 Arms (2’)
  • (36V, 48V) 280 Arms (2’)
Ambient temperature range: -40° +40°C
Maximum heatsink temperature: 85°C (starts to reduce current)


Dimensions 150x200x73 mm
Connector: Ampseal 35 poles
Protection: IP65
Available with Al base plate or finned heatsink


13 Digital inputs (input range -Batt ÷ +Batt)
2 Analog inputs (input range 0 ÷ 12V )
1 Analog input:motor temperature sensor
1 Incremental encoder port
2 Outputs driving to - Batt: proportional EV, current control
8 Outputs driving to - Batt

Other features

Can interface